GaryVee: King of Communication

Gary Vaynerchuk opened my eyes to the importance of content. A mentor of mine directed me to his profile a couple years ago and since then I have been an avid supporter. His greatest strength is taking his success and communicating it through social media. He has developed a company to do that for others.

He had a humble beginning and first found success when he transformed a $3 million wine business owned by his parents and made it a $60 million business by creating the first e-commerce wine platform. He is incredibly social media savvy and communicates efficiently and effectively.

With the current state of technology, being a great communicator requires much dexterity across different platforms. The need to have a consistent and clear brand image is important and Gary utilizes video, audio, text and wraps those components together to constantly convey messages of success.

He created a business and then created a business on how to create a business.

He focuses on his brand first, and then from there creates content. He has tapped into a variety of industries, the most recent being sneakers. Daily, he produces podcasts, blog posts and tackles social media platforms.

Gary has written books, constantly does interviews and embodies the passion needed for hard work. As an immigrant, he focuses on the cusp of opportunity and when hard work meets success.

His most important asset is time. At the end of the day, it is not money, it is not the physical content but the amount of time dedicated to creating it, and the importance of taking a step back in this busy world we live in. He communicated the necessity of respect when chasing your dream.

For me, a great communicator is not just about what they say, but how they say it.

Gary Vaynerchuk carries himself with a specific presence. He is highly skilled in this modern day communication because of the way he positions himself. A great thing I have learned is the importance of contributing when speaking or communicating. If there is no value in what is being said, it is not worth saying.

This, I believe is one of the most important lessons in communications and will enable me to be successful in the future.

To check out his content check out his LinkedInTwitter, Instagram or Spotify profiles.

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