A Month of Sevilla

As of a few days ago, I have officially been living in Sevilla for a month! It is hard to believe as the time has flown by, yet at the same time, I feel like I arrived yesterday.

Speaking Spanish

Fountain in the garden of the Real Alcazar
Fountain in the garden of the Real Alcazar

During my first two weeks here, I took an intensive language course which I needed incredibly. I did not test into the highest level which was actually a good thing because I can learn everything from the Spanish lens. Personally, I struggle more with grammar than communication which is good because communication is everything when living with a host family. When I lived in Dubai, my Spanish class felt like I was the only person who just spoke English and then was taking Spanish as a second language. Being in that environment made me focus on my accent and communicating a message without thinking about grammar which led me to have an easy(ish) time communicating with my host family. Although I am still not fluent, I can watch TV without subtitles and somewhat understand what’s going on.

School in Spain

Classes here are easier than Wisconsin. But, they are not that easy because they are all in Spanish. I am taking half of my classes through my abroad program and a half at the University of Sevilla. My classes consist of literature, history, journalism, and advanced writing classes all pertaining to life in Spain. Having the opportunity to see the places we are learning about has been an ideal way to learn about them. For example, I visited Cordoba and Granada through school trips and then learned about them in class. Additionally, my literature class is literature specific to Sevilla which makes everything come full circle. I learned about San Fernando, the patron saint of Sevilla and then walked down the street, Calle San Fernando, on my way home. It’s hard not to learn about the culture.


Sky view of Sevilla from La Giralda
Sky view of Sevilla from la Giralda

There is nothing I love more. So far, I have been able to go to Córdoba, Madrid, Granada, and Paris. Spain is kind of like the US where every city has its own personality. Sevilla, Cordoba, and Granada are all in the South of Spain, being somewhat similar yet completely different. I flew to Madrid the same weekend that the Patriots won the Superbowl and although I really liked it, it made me happy I chose to study in Sevilla. This past weekend I went to Paris and wish I had more time there. I will post more about these separately!

My tips for traveling:

  • Actually plan out your outfits by looking at the weather and don’t overpack. If you like to shop, underpack!
  • Figure out how to get from the airport to where you are staying before you get to the destination.
  • Don’t wait for airport food because sometimes you don’t have the option.
  • Make a list of what you want to do before you go because a weekend is very short.
  • Enjoy sitting with your friends; whether you make dinner or go out, life is short so embrace each others’ experiences.

Adios por ahora. I just looked back at my last post and I wrote that I would post more. There is always room for improvement!



Adelaide at la Real Alcazar
Adelaide at la Real Alcazar

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