Madrid, Madre Mío

For the weekend of Tom Brady’s sixth Super Bowl win, I ventured from Sevilla to Madrid. It was the first trip I took that I had to fly which made me feel like I was finally embarking on a jet setting lifestyle.

I went to meet seven of my best friends from Wisconsin. Two are studying in Barcelona, one in Madrid, one in Dublin and one in London. Being in Europe at the same time as many of my friends has been awesome because there is always someone to travel with and always another person to receive recommendations from.

After taking a two-week intensive Spanish class I had my final, went to the airport and hit the ground running in Madrid. After stopping at the Airbnb, we headed to Kapital, a five-floor club.

On Saturday, my friend and I went to the local market and made everyone breakfast. For 8 people it was a perfect situation because we didn’t have to sit down and could start our day quicker. If staying in an Airbnb, I 10/10 recommend.

First, Museums

Image from the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid
From the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid

There is so much to do in Madrid so we had to delegate. The best way to get around was via the metro so we bought 10 ride passes for the weekend. We headed toward the center (I think) and went to the Reina Sofia, the museum that is home to the Guernica.

I did not like the Guernica until my friend explained the meaning behind it and it made more sense. I prefer more contemporary art so the rest of the Museum was incredible for me. One of my favorites was of Luis Camnitzer and his series, Series Tortura Uruguaya, that depicts the psychological and physical torture carried out in the military dictatorship of Uruguay between 1973 and 1985. This was particularly fascinating because he depicted much of it in English to spark interest from the people who, at the time, had the power.

After the museum, we went to El Retiro Park to look at the boats and the river. It was really pretty and fresh. It felt like a nice autumn day although it was just January in Madrid. I enjoyed it.

We then Ubered to las Siete Setas – seven hills that overlook the city to drink wine, eat cheese, and watch the sunset. After the sunset, we went back to the AirBnb area, bought some dinner ingredients, and made pesto chicken pasta for dinner. For our nighttime fun, we went to Cafe Berlin, a lounge-like club/bar that was super fun. The one downside to Madrid were the covers to get in places. It was fine though.

A Royal Sunday

Photo of the Palacio in Madrid
The Palacio in Madrid

For Sunday, it was a sad morning because we had to say goodbye to one of my friends in the morning as her flight was at 11. Although we missed her, we continued with our antics. I was in a very fiery mood and wanted to DO THINGS.

So, we headed for the historic area to see el Palacio and la Cathedral. Each room of the palace was incredibly unique and continued to become more complex and intricate through the walk. It really reminded me how much I love chandeliers. The symbol of the tiger reigns throughout Spain and manifests itself through all of Spanish art and culture. 

Image of the Madrid Cathedral
The Madrid Royal Cathedral

After the palace, we walked right over to the Cathedral. It was very different from what I had seen in the past. The dome was colored and, to me, appeared to have Russian influence. It was beautiful. 

After leaving the cathedral, we headed to the Plaza Mayor to sit and enjoy some vino and cervezas. It was the Sunday blues but wait – no because the Patriots were in the Super Bowl. The game was at 12:30 Spain time and we knew it would go till around 5 just in time to go to the airport for our 7:30ish flights.

The win made the trip amazing. I slept for an hour then got to Sevilla, took an uber to my homestay, showered and went to my first day of class! It was a very long day and I then slept for 12 hours after being up for 26.



Friends walking through El Retiro Park
Friends walking through El Retiro Park

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