The Ultimate Sevilla Guide

Through all of my travels, Sevilla is still my favorite place. 

I am going to go through the historic monuments that are must-sees, the bars, the clubs, the best places to have an afternoon drink so that for those of you who read this, can hopefully enjoy your time in Sevilla and have a bit of an easier time planning your trip. 

When I lived in Sevilla, I stayed with a local family on Calle Féria from January to May. Which, if you’re studying abroad there, a homestay is the way to go. I lived in the best neighborhood, never had to go out to eat because my host mom was a stellar chef, and became fluent in Spanish. My friends who stayed in dorms weren’t always as lucky. Also because I didn’t have to eat out, I was able to have more flexibility (financially) and treat myself when I traveled.

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Must-See Monuments

The Real Alcazar –This is the most beautiful palace ever! If you go, definitely get tickets ahead of time here because if you go anytime after March, there will be lines. When you buy tickets, you have to use a debit card – something I figured out the hard way. Also, fun fact this was home to Dorne, if you’re a Game of Thrones fan.

La Catedral y La Giralda – The cathedral is the 3rd largest in the world and is absolutely stunning. If you are interested in the history, I recommend doing the audio tour as it will walk you through the building at your own pace. La Giralda is the tower attached to the cathedral and is a ramp all the way to the 13 steps that bring you to the top. It is the prettiest view of the city and definitely worth the climb.

Plaza de España – This is more towards the ourskirts of the city and close to the Universidad de Sevilla which is about a 20 minute walk from La Catedral. Definitely head here to see every province of Spain represented through beautiful tiles and alcoves. While you are in the area, stroll through Maria Luisa Park to see incredible gardens and boulevards.

The Neighborhood Rundown

Sevilla is a mid-size city and to break it down most simply, I would say the core of it is composed of five different neighborhoods: La Alameda/Feria, Alfalfa, Barrio Santa Cruz, El Centro Historico, and Triana.

La Alameda/Feria: This is a very hip, trendy up and coming area bustling with restaurants, stores, cafes, and authenticity. I lived on Calle Feria which was an amazing location. If you are visiting, this is a great neighborhood to stay in because it is filled with the height of Sevilla’s culture as well as a 10-15 minute walk from the historic area.

Alfalfa: This too is a great neighborhood filled with bars, restaurants, shops and more. It is located between La Alameda/Feria and El Centro Historico and is incrementally closer to the historic monuments. My classes were located here and it has much to offer! It is a very family-friendly area (as is all of Sevilla) yet was also home to our favorite strip of bars was here so it truly holds everything you need for a great trip.

Barrio Santa Cruz: This is the historic Jewish quarter in the heart of the city. It is characterized by tiny, windy streets and beautiful architecture. A great location to visit yet a bit further from the nightlife. One of the best neighborhoods to explore on a trip.

El Centro Historico: This is home to all of the historic monuments such as la Catedral, la Real Alcazar and more. It is more of a touristy area than the other neighborhoods and a bit more expensive but just as beautiful. Everything is relatively close and convenient.

Triana: I did not ever have the need to venture across the bridge to Triana yet I went on a previous trip to Sevilla and remember it being beautiful. It is home to many markets and some people love it yet it was very far for me. I wouldn’t particularly choose to stay here.

My recommendation for breakfast is to always go with the tostada option which is toast with olive oil (aceite) or avocado (aguacate) or ham (jamón) that also comes with a coffee. If it’s Americanized, you might have an egg (huevos) option as well. 


  • Breakfast/Lunch
    • No Piqui (fave for breakfast)
    • Cafe Otto (fave cafe)
    • Filo
    • La Cacharrería
    • La Jeronima
    • Jester (healthy)
    • Cocome (healthy) 
    • Milkaway (has both healthy and like fresh options) 
    • Also, any/all cafes do a tostada option for breakfast where you get toast with whatever on it and then a coffee for a good deal 
  • Lunch/dinner
    • La Azotea
    • Duo Tapas
    • Bar Antojo
    • Seis Tapas (my favorite), the rooftop bar is Hotel Inglaterra 
    • Sal Gordo
    • El Pinton (close to you and so good) 
    • Ovejas Negras company (all awesome)
      • Ovejas Negras
      • Torres y Garcia (small dishes and pizza)
      • Mamaracha 
      • Filo 
      • La Chunga 
    • Sebuya (sushi)
    • Gusto (good paella close to cathedral)
    • El contenedor (heard its so good) 
    • Bar Alfalfa (famous tapas place; small but worth the wait and is casual) 
    • Mariatrifulca (beautiful restaurant that overlooks the river)
    • San Marco (awesome Spanish/Italian) 

Rooftop Bars:

  • Hotel Inglaterra
  • Hotel Doña Maria 
  • La pura vida terrazza 

Going out bars 

  • Ruko N Roll, la Espuela — there are a bunch of bars on this strip so we always go here 
  • Cafe eureka & bars by the Alameda 
  • Madison’s
  • Sojo (relaxed outdoor bar by the river)


  • Uthopia (the main club)
  • Koko 
  • Monasterio 
  • Abril 
  • Casino 

Thank you for taking the time to read my recommendations! If you have any questions, please reach out to me. Enjoy your travels!

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