What It’s Like to Move During Covid

As the whole world came to a halt, I was one of the lucky ones to be apart of the class of 2020. With graduating, comes the normal pressures of finding a job, wondering how you’ll stay in touch with friends and hoping the final push into adulthood won’t be too difficult.

This year, my friends and I faced the unique challenge of conquering all of those goals in the midst of a pandemic. The classic questions of, “Where are you moving?,” “Do you have a job?,” and the overall “What’s next?” became much less common because no one had an answer, especially a recent college grad.

Although I went into senior year with a job lined up, no one knew if anything was solid. Companies were dropping offers like flies and if you still did have your offer, there was a huge chance it was remote until 2021.

I, on the other hand, was able to start at the beginning of August in a completely new city. Moving is tough in normal times but covid brought other challenges. Below is a list of a combination of things (I think) I did right and things I wish I knew before!

Create a Timeline

Even when your move seems uncertain, investigate to find the schedule for yourself. If you have someone helping you with your relocation, create calendar invites with touch points. Add dates such as when your old lease is up, when the movers are coming, and when your job responsibilities truly begin. Fun fact: I completely missed my move-out date and was in another state. Thankfully, I had a good relationship with our landlord and got an extension.

Use an Agent to Find an Apartment

The company I work for has a great relocation system and gave me an agent to work. Even, in most cities you can find an agent free of cost that works to match you with the perfect apartment. This was great because they helped me find an array of apartments within my budget and arrange tours while I was super busy getting started with work.

Plan a Trip – or Two – Home

When you’re young and in a new place, it can occasionally feel lonely. Whether it’s your first move out of college or your 17th move, if where your leaving truly feels like home, you’re going to miss it. If you are leaving family and friends behind, it is especially nice to do it somewhat gradually. I was waiting for a bunch of furniture and used it as a great excuse to head home for the weekend which I didn’t realize how much I needed it. this brings me to my next point…

If You’re Ordering Furniture, Plan Ahead for Shipping Times

This is definitely more covid-specific issue but with shipping times all over the place, I wish I had been more proactive in planning what I was ordering. When you are signing a lease, take measurements of your apartment and look into furniture that will arrive within your first couple of weeks. As I type this, I am watching my TV that’s still sitting on the floor.

Pay the Extra for Assembly Help

For the big items like a bed, and a couch it would definitely have been worth it. I intended to to pay for it, but I must have missed the option and all of a sudden my bed showed up in 3 boxes that were super heavy. I became superwoman and hauled them to my apartment to assemble them myself. This definitely could have been avoided and I wouldn’t wish this solo stress on anyone.

Find Friends in Anyway Possible

Reach out to all of your friends who may have friends moving to your location. In covid, it’s really difficult to meet people while being safe but thankfully I moved when it was still nice out so I was able to grab drinks and socially distance outside. I am still trying to navigate this goal but hopefully with time I’ll start to make more friends.

I hope if you’re moving it goes smoothly! Please feel free to comment any other advice you might have.


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