Adelaide’s Portfolio


I am a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a degree in Strategic Communication through the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. During my college experience, I was able to be on the executive team of my sorority, help kick-start a business club and more. I will always be glad I jumped out of my comfort zone to attend a school where I didn’t know a soul.

Growing up on the South Shore of Boston, I always knew I wanted to go big and I stumbled upon the Big10. Moving to Dubai entering my junior year of high school, helped me to understand that anything is possible. During the my spring semester of 2019, I studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain, taking all of my classes in Spanish and living with a Sevillian family.

Living in Spain provided me with the opportunity to explore Europe and I will be doing so for the next few months, posting my travels on the blog tab. My experience was spectacular and I am excited to share it with you. Thank you for exploring my portfolio.

Adelaide in Madrid
Adelaide in Madrid