The Ultimate Sevilla Guide

Through all of my travels, Sevilla is still my favorite place.  For this post, I am going to go through the historic monuments that are must-sees, the bars, the clubs, the best places to have an afternoon drink so that for those of you who read this, can hopefully enjoy your time in Sevilla and … Continue reading The Ultimate Sevilla Guide

What Constitutes Being a Third-Culture Kid?

A look into my semester long story regarding how global nomads discover the University of Wisconsin-Madison from every end of the world.  WHAT BEING GLOBAL TRULY MEANS WHERE ARE YOU FROM? This common question is great to spark small talk, especially when entering a new situation such as college. I’m sure you can think of a … Continue reading What Constitutes Being a Third-Culture Kid?

Professional Practices: Jacob Kushner

Although I am not on the reporting track, this was an incredibly interesting discussion to attend.  Jacob Kushner, a freelancing journalist, travels and has lived around the world conducting investigative journalism while focusing on conflicts.  When giving advice, he said to look for other journalists as, "journalists are way more collaborative than they are competitive."  … Continue reading Professional Practices: Jacob Kushner

Controversy in the Media: Ethics and Advertising

Should Advertisements Be Politically Fueled?  Over the past couple of years, there has been an increase in corporate social responsibility (CSR) in business both on the back end and the forefront. With this, many companies have taken a stance regarding various social movements. For example, we saw the Nike ad... The Dove Real Beauty … Continue reading Controversy in the Media: Ethics and Advertising